Hydraulic car elevator 

GG LIFTERSTECH is one of the oldest and largest companies in the Arab world that are distinguished in the field of hydraulic car elevator in Egypt, and through this article, we will provide you with sufficient information on this topic.

Types of car lifts

GG LIFTERSTECH, the leading hydraulic car elevator in Egypt, provides you with information about elevator types as follows:

There are two types of car elevators, different types of construction and the working principle:

First, the mechanical lifting machine

The mechanical elevator is mainly a single drive screw drive lift fan and a double drive lift screw drive. Mechanical lifter popular, due to the general motor drive, screw drive, it does not have oil leakage pollution problems, customers ultimately replace the product with small hydraulic lift maintenance.

Second, the hydraulic lifting machine

The hydraulic elevator is characterized by its smooth, small noise, power, and the disadvantage is that after a long time it is easy to leak, the use of fuel tanks 5-10 years is no problem, but also on the development direction of the lift, so the hydraulic lift is bound to be current The main for the future development of the lift market.

Hydraulic car elevator in Egypt

The hydraulic lift is divided into two types:

Single-cylinder lift.

One is a double cylinder lift.

Advantages of Single Hydraulic Cylinder Lifter

GG LIFTERSTECH, the leading hydraulic car elevator in Egypt, provides you with information about the advantages of hydraulic cylinders as follows:

Synchronization is good

There is no bumpy phenomenon

Thick floor

Lifting torque from the bottom of the offset plate

Easy to settle

The device is safe

Suitable for poor ground.

Double cylinder lifting is divided into two types:

Giant lifting and thin floor lifting because it is a double cylinder, synchronization problem is difficult to solve, often by two wire rope to balance, cylinder and wire rope to be tightened, can be synchronized lifting.

How to use car lifter and precautions:

GG LIFTERSTECH, the leading hydraulic car elevator in Egypt, provides you with information on how to use a car lift and reserves as follows:

1. Before use should be removed near the elevator to prevent the equipment and debris from running, and check the operating handle is normal.

2. The operating mechanism is delicate and efficient; the hydraulic system does not allow the creep phenomenon.

3. The car, four horns should be in the same plane, adjust the height of the heel plate to connect to the chassis support parts.

4. The car, the car can not be too high, after the four-bracket support to be locked.

5. To be lifted after the car in the elevator must be adjusted to adjust the block to move the provisions of the car lift point.

6. The person must leave the car when lifting, lifted to the need for a height, the insurance lock pin must be inserted, and ensuring safe and reliable vehicles start at the end of the operation.

7. In addition to low maintenance and minor repair projects, other cumbersome operations, not in the lift on the repair run.

8. The lifting device should not frequent ups and downs.

9. It is prohibited when lifting the operation.

10. Found that the operating mechanism does not work, the motor is not synchronized, the brackets or the hydraulic part of the oil leakage must be timely repair, not a sick operation.

11. The process must be completed to remove debris, and clean lift around to keep the place clean and tidy.