underground car lift company in UK

GG LIFTERSTECH Company has become a pioneer in the field of underground car lift company in the UK, as it has developed its business volume within the United Kingdom to provide all the buyer's needs in the automotive field, at the highest level of sophistication and quality, and to achieve a distinctive and unique service for its customers only, and to maintain their precious confidence which is It is our main wealth.

Fixed Lifts (Lifts, Hoists, Racks )

GG LIFTERSTECH Company, a leading underground car lift company in UK, uses winches in automobile workshops to raise the car high to make handling underground parts easier. Winches use electricity, hydraulic, or compressed air as the source of the lifting force.

Types of winches commonly used in car workshops:

A- Frame-contact lift

B- Wheel-contact (drive-on) lift

The winches that are in contact with the car’s body, and the levers that are connected to the axles, are distinguished from those that are connected to the car’s wheels. When the car is raised on the winch, the wheels are free to suspend, which facilitates the maintenance and repair of tires, brakes, and suspension. Which gives better freedom of work to the lower sides of the car.

One of the leading underground car lift companies in UK

GG LIFTERSTECH Company, a leading provider of underground car lift company in the UK, warns that great care must be taken when handling the winches, in the event that the car falls off the crane, this will cause serious injuries to workers under it and serious damage to the car.

underground car lift company in UK

GG LIFTERSTECH underground car lift company in UK is one of the 

leading companies with all types of winches:

1- The crane must be periodically inspected and the required preventive maintenance carried out continuously by a specialized company, and original spare parts should be used when changing parts.

2- It is not necessary to use a crane that is not working properly or has broken or damaged parts, in the event that the crane does not work properly, do not use it and inform the official in charge of the workshop.

3- Putting the car on the crane and operating the crane must be done by a trained person responsible for this process.

4- The warning sign attached to the crane must be observed when using the crane.

5- When using the crane for the first time, learn how to control its performance and practice that by raising and lowering the crane without a loaded car before using it to lift the car.

GG LIFTERSTECH Company the leading underground car lift company in UK handling boom lifters:

1- Before inserting the car over the crane, keep the locking arms and mounts away from the car. Do not drive wheels over levers or fastening parts, as this may damage the wheels or the jack.

2- Make sure the contacts are free of oils and grease.

3- Carefully insert the car onto the crane, place the lever arms under the car, and adjust the attachment parts to the crane under the car's mounting position. Lift the crane until the loading points touch the car, then make sure that the points of contact between the car and the crane are in the required position and that the car is completely balanced above the crane, then slowly raise the car with the crane to the required height.

4- Refer to the instruction book of the vehicle to be lifted to determine the points of loading and installation there. Failure to observe this could damage the car or cause it to slip off the jack.

5- Make sure that the booms and the loading points in them do not touch any of the exhaust pipes, fuel tubes, brake tubes, or any part of the car not intended for the lifting process so as not to damage the parts.