Automated parking system company in USA

At start, we must mention that GG LIFTERSTECH Company is  One of the leading companies in the field of automated parking system in USA, As our company Convert the conceptual parking concept into a detailed design for creation at any time.

GG LIFTERSTECH ,usa parking systems company acts by Combining the results of different cultures and experiences, to design, produce and modernize various car parking solutions with skilled diligent craftsmanship.

Our team work consists of professional engineers and skilled technicians who create ideal solutions to meet customer needs.

Definition of automated parking system company (APS) in USA

Automated parking system (APS) is defined as:

System designed to cut back the space and therefore the volume required to park the car. Sort of a multi-storey park

This system can Provide parking spaces for vertically stacked multi-storey cars to maximize parking spaces while minimizing land use

This technique also can move cars to and from parking lift spaces (rather than the driver) so as to eliminate much of the space wasted in a very multi-story parking garage.

Other common names of automated parking system

There are many other names of usa parking systems, we’ll mention the foremost common names:

  •  automated parking facility (APF),
  •  automated vehicle storage and retrieval system (AVSRS),
  •  car parking system, mechanical parking and hydraulic parking lifts.
  •  robotic parking garage.

How does Automated parking system company in america work?

The operation of the fully usa automated parking system is incredibly like that of robot valet parking. The motive force drives the car into the APS entry (transfer) area.

The driver retrieves the car by inserting the ticket or code into the automated terminal. APS lifts the car from its automobile parking space and transports it to the exit area

Remove the motive force and passengers from the car before stopping, the car are going to be driven to the entry point of the APS, and both the driving force and passengers will leave the car. Then, the car will move to its parking spot automatically or semi-automatically.

Types of parking in automated parking system company in america

There are four differing kinds of parking:

  1.  angled parking
  2.  perpendicular parking
  3.  Double straight parking
  4.  Parallel parking

Important Note:

Straight parking is additionally much faster than angled parking because it can accommodate two lanes. If cars can get in and out, and therefore the speed through the car parking zone is quicker than this, then congestion are going to be reduced.

Automated parking system company in USA

Causes of creating automated parking system company in USA

 GG.lifters creates usa parking systems to meet the   need for large spaces for parking and an absence of accessible land for parking lead governments to start establishing automated parking system

The APS consisted of the subsequent issues:

  •  underground breaking
  •  multi-story concrete structure
  •  An internal elevator to move cars to upper levels where attendants parked the cars.

How does Automated parking system company in USA reduce parking area?

Automated parking system company in america success in reducing congestion of parking by the subsequent procedures:

  •  The width and depth of parking zones and also the distance between parking spaces are significantly reduced because there’s no must leave room for driving a car into the parking space.
  •  Since there are not any pedestrians, the ceiling height is minimized
  •  No walkways, stairways or elevators are needed to accommodate pedestrians within the car park.
  •  Drive cars into، in and out of parking spaces without driving lanes or ramps.
Costs of america automated parking systems:

 GG.lifters decides cost per many different factors:

  1.  The fees of parking.
  2.  Capacity of the automatic parking.
  3.  Number of existences and number of entrances.
  4.  The location of parking.
  5.  Local regulations.
  6. Environmental requirements