underground parking system in Canada

When evaluating the various facilities and services that it includes, it is in line with the development of providing comfort and multiple functions., and this is what gglifterstech provides because the underground parking system in Canada is one of the most important facilities that must accompany the building or facility, it is always expected that developers provide Reaching the facility with enough space inside its car park.

Definition of underground parking system in Canada lots

The car park is a site specially designed for all customers so that they can park their cars safely and conservatively.

The main scope of an underground parking system in Canada is to protect public order and urban decor but also to avoid random parking lots that definitely lead to roadblocks and traffic congestion.

Different types of parking spaces

It can be a building for parking or horizontal parking on one level, or parking floors, the following provides you, through our company gglifterstech, some explanation about the different designs:

  • One-level car park: it is a garage that contains only one floor.
  • Multi-level or multi-story car park: it is a parking garage that contains several floors for parking. The design of the multi-level parking garage can be completely different. The most popular design is a garage with stairs to move from one level to another. 
  • Underground parking system in Canada: has underground parking levels and no above ground level. Underground parking garages are often found in city centers where there is not much space to build a parking facility
  • Automated car park: You are driving on a platform in the garage. After this, the automatic parking system will transfer your car to the available parking space somewhere in the city moved vertically and horizontally using hydraulic or mechanical elevators.

There are several benefits of a multi-level parking facility with an automated parking system, and The automated system does not need enough space to stop the vehicle more than a human does.

underground parking system in Canada

Architectural classification for parking lots

We, gglifterstech, classify car parks for you in terms of architectural form:

  1. Covered: It is located in enclosed areas or in the basement of a building that hosts both cars and motorcycles
  2. Outdoor: The outdoor car parks have one floor designed for car parks.
  3. On the one hand, building an underground parking system in Canada, although justified by utilization of roof space, construction costs would be higher: not only for necessary earthworks but also for waterproofing works that greatly increase construction costs.
  4. The underground parking system in Canada is essential when needed to maintain a rooftop urban configuration: it allows for better formal accommodation of roads, squares, and green areas.
  5. Vertical developmental car parks are the most rational solution among the parking facilities because they improve the utilization of the area, contain costs but need appropriate design studies to suit the urban environment appropriately.

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