Mechanical parking system in USA

 In the beginning we must mention the important role of GG LIFTERSTECH company in the development of the most advanced solutions for parking problems, as since our company inception seven years ago, the company and its staff have been striving to develop an automatic parking system in USA.

GG LIFTERSTECH depends on international standers , safety precautions, different cultures, and mixed experiences to develop, design, and produce various parking solutions with skilled and  smart process that save customer's money and time, and to increase customer's welfare, and satisfaction.

Finally GG LIFTERSTECH company develops fully Mechanical parking system in USA, which is designed by cooperating with Swiss company.

What is the mechanical parking system in USA

Mechanical parking system is the one of the most advanced solution which is developed by GG.lifters company to solve parking  overcrowded problems.

It consists of a series of electromechanical infrastructure and computer-controlled robots the conveying device can move vertically and horizontally, and can store/retrieve the vehicle to/from the available multi-deep parking position without human intervention

Depending on mechanical parking system in USA, results in the parking space is greatly reduced, and the space required for parking is reduced by up to 50%. In the comparison with traditional parking system.

Characters of mechanical parking system in USA

Mechanical parking system in USA consists of the following:

Electromechanical conveying device

Closed structure, single-layer or multi-layer structure

Multi-dimensional/multi-directional/multi-depth movement

 In and Out of Bay Room

High-density parking can be achieved without anyone walking in the automatic parking system or driving the vehicle inside the structure. The system makes the most efficient use of the volume, using each square foot of space only for parking. No ramps, turning radius or sidewalks required.

Mechanical parking system in USA

What is the mechanism of action of mechanical parking system in USA?

The driver uses the application or swipes his personal card (or pays the parking fee) on the payment machine of the self-service terminal, which triggers a request to retrieve the car.

The screen will show the current requests in the queue and requests from other drivers.

After that, the driver leaves the car and locks the car, leaves the cabin, and then goes to the self-service counter to complete the parking procedure. Use the U-tron mobile app or swipe your card or pull a paid ticket to start the parking process on the self-service terminal payment machine.

When the request is completed, the hatch is closed and the sensor scans the room to detect that there is no movement outside the car. Depending on the size of the car, the shuttle system can retrieve the car from the bay and store it in a suitable location.


Finally, the bay room can now park another car or retrieve the car from storage.

Advantages of mechanical parking system in USA

By applying mechanical parking system in USA, GG lifters company records the following benefits: 

The parking process is shorter.

Less number of drivers is required.

Save drivers times.

Save wide area for parking.

Decrease the efforts of drivers, and increase their comfortability.